Welfare Workshop

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The "Cantiere del Welfare" ("Welfare Workshop") derives from the will of social cooperatives of the Province of Ravenna to face challenges of Welfare organization coming from the new European and international scenario. The "Cantiere" was launched during a workshop entitled "What social innovations for a new Welfare?", that took place in Ravenna on Novembre 21, 2012.

The social cooperatives of the Province of Ravenna want to:

  • explore new areas and new perspectives in order to restore the value of what is public and to understand how to manage it;
  • socialize and aggregate the demand for new needs and move it towards a new collaboration pattern which spreads in the whole territory.

In such a context, characterized by a serious economic-and-financial crisis, the "cooperative system" has been capable of reacting to the crisis effects better than other enterprises. Cooperatives limited the drop of employment and supported social cohesion thanks to their resilient and flexible structure, suitable for adopting new approaches when tje older ones become obsolete.

Nevertheless, the enduring crisis and its effects on the social-and-economic fabric of our territories leads us to investigate on our role as catalyst of the different needs coming from the ever-growing social minorities, from the Public administration and from other economic-and-social stakeholders.

In this complex scenario we have to:

  • create territorial networks;
  • listen to the request of services and participation from citizens.

The "Cantiere" must follow these guidelines and build new collaborations between Public administration, citizens and non-profit organizations; all these efforts are targeted at making the traditional Welfare State services more efficient, as well as defining and offering new services in new areas.