About Us

The Consortium

Fare Comunità is a non-profit provincial consortium established in 2010 thanks to the joint work between the Ravenna social co-operation system and professional training institutions.

The consortium's objective is to encourage the processes of employment and social inclusion of people with greater difficulty to integrate into the community.

Fare Comunità believes that if the community participates and is able to make the sense of "us" possible, besides the sense of belonging, we can develop skills and abilities:

  • To cope with distress, social/family/personal crises, lack of self-confidence, uncertainty created by the many and quick changes.
  • To access to the resources and opportunities actually available to every generation.
  • To support all social fragilities.

Fare Comunità wants to be an expression of a "joint subsidiary" in which different subjects of social co-operation and other institutions/non-profit organisations work jointly, as one, for the common good.

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